About us


Spacecraft have to withstand a harsh environment such as mechanical shock and vibrations during launch, exposure to radiation, wide temperature range. In these extreme environmental conditions the equipment has to function without failure for many years, so the reliability is essential.

For electronic equipments the selection and testing of the EEE parts are the key factors to fit the mission demands to be successful.

RGM SPACE has the know-how, the experience and the organization to successfully fulfill any EEE parts demand for space use. We are in direct personal contact with our Customers and Suppliers and we will work trustfully and performance-oriented.

RGM SPACE participated with it’s experience in the main worldwide Space Programs.


RGM was founded in 1986 by a small group of people dedicated to production of power supplies.  During the years, RGM expanded its product offering, specializing in the creation of complex custom systems for energy conversion for a wide range of applications in transportation, hybrid systems and energy storage, industrial and medical markets.  In addition to an organized structure with 2 facilities, 6 business units and more than 150 employees (RGM group), RGM combines the over 30 years experience, a plurality of design and manufacturing competencies, constant attention to product quality and technological innovation.

Starting from 2012 RGM opened a new Business Unit called RGM Space completely dedicated to Space market, ranging from EEE Procurement parts to testing of Hi-Rel components, from preparation of Custom specification to the test plans according to .


Partner of Leaders’ is not just a slogan for us but it is the foundation of the company philosophy. This philosophy is naturally fueled by a strong and constant technical and business relationship with our Customers.