About Us

RGM Space

RGM SPACE is a business unit entirely dedicated to Space that was born in Rome in 2010. The headquarters has been located in Genoa since 1986, specializing in the production of power supplies and expanding its core business over the years to include the railway, medical and industrial worlds. 

RGM SPACE certainly has a strategic geographical position since being in the center of Italy it is at an average distance from the other cities of the boot. Not only! In terms of social mobilisations, being a peninsula, it has excellent connections by land, air and sea, thus allowing different types of shipment of goods according to the needs of its customers.

In recent years RGM SPACE has intensified the know-how and expertise on how to achieve success for each EEE Part for Space, also introducing its experience in the participation in important Space Programs at an international level. Some important companies in the space sector such as Leonardo, Ohb, Airbus and Thales Alenia Space have entrusted us as a Procurement agency and therefore experts in the technical selection, purchase, management and testing of EEE Part components.

The strength of the company

The strong point of RGM SPACE is its laboratory, specialized in carrying out numerous tests that will guarantee the quality of the electronic components you want. Clearly, the environmental conditions in space are markedly different from those on Earth, which is why it is of fundamental importance to ensure that satellites and space equipment do not fail under those particular extreme conditions in terms of mechanical shocks, vibrations at launch start, radiation and temperatures. However, RGM SPACE is not just that! Specifically, the team provides all services related to EEE components with high levels of technical and professional competence, ensuring that all customer needs are met starting from the purchase of Hi-Rel components, from the preparation of documents, to the delivery and to the tests of the purchased components. Even more in detail, the following are distinguished:

  • an Engineering area of experts dedicated to technical support to designers where documentation, solutions and qualifications on the tests to be carried out and the components to be purchased are provided;
  • a Procurement area in which each EEE part is carefully evaluated according to the cost/quality binomial to satisfy the requests of our customers;
  • a testing area where all types of tests for the EEE parts are carried out by the laboratory, guaranteeing their effectiveness for the related missions in Space.

Being Partner of Leaders is not just a claim, but above all it is our corporate philosophy in terms of time, quality and attention to detail, allowing us to be the signature of Italian excellence.