Up-screening describes the assessment process of a homogenous batch of components in order to derive quality assurance for operation over an extended temperature range or higher reliability performance.

Test results are analyzed according to ESCC prescribed pass/ fails criteria to state the usability of selected part on the specific program, and collected in an upgrading test reports that is provided to customer.

RGM Space is equipped to carry out this activity in house on all EEE parts families.

The necessity to upgrade a component arise from the unavailability of parts with a quality level adequate to the need of the specific program; the process starts from the selection of a part with the desired electrical characteristics and quality as higher as possible, and continues with the issueance of an upgrading test plan consistent with the requirements of ECSS generic specification for the family of the chosen part, tailored to meet the program requirements through the selection of the test applicable to the specific component and the relevant condition.

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