Parts Engineering

RGM SPACE offers a service aimed at supporting you from the selection of the EEE parts, in line with the applicable space requirements, up to the approval of your End Customer, passing through the monitoring of the selected products during the entire EEE Part life cycle.

Our technical documentation and our reports allow you to verify / agree on the technical characteristics and verify their status allowing, for each component, the selection of the best solution for the required Space Program.

For custom components, our team of Parts Engineers will support you in defining the most appropriate technical specifications with the Manufacturer, making cost optimization possible.

RGM provides as it follows:
  • Consolidated Component List (CCL) definition
  • Review and definition of Specifications
  • Tecnical Specification negotiation
  • PAD (Part Approval Document) definition
  • COTS use solutions
  • Manufacturer & Technological Surveys
  • Definition of Evaluation/Qualification Plan and Test Plan
  • Test procedures preparation
  • Technical interface between Suppliers and Customers
  • Technical support to Project Managers, Designers
  • Parts Reduction and Standardization
  • Tracking alerts and life status to Users
  • Technical Characteristics Data Base Management
  • Obsolete components analysis and alternatives evaluation
  • Radiation Data Base Management
  • Quality assurance

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