Space Programs

If we were alone the immensity would really be a waste  (Isaac Asimov)

RGM SPACE Heritage consists of more a decade of international Space Missions and ESA Programs in which our Team has supported in terms of Parts Engineering, Procurement and Testing.

PROSPECT Mission Moon Exploration

PROSPECT Mission has the goal to research valuable resources on Moon surface to support future exploration missions and to prepare technologies for coordinated prospecting activities at the lunar poles.

ExoMars Mission

After cruising for more than eight months, a Rover landed on the Red Plant to analyis the surface and research for evidence of past life. The rover is the first mission to move across the surface and study Mars at depth

METEOSAT Mission Meteorogical satellites

Meteosat Constellation has been improving the accuracy of weather forecasts for over 40 years with continuous stream of images of the whole Earth disc, to monitor the weather over Europe, Africa and parts of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. 

Euclid Telescope

ESA’s Euclid mission has succesfully reached a new milestone in its development with the positive results of telescope and instruments testing showing that it can operate and achieve the required performance in the extreme environment of space.

SENTINEL Mission Earth Observation

The goal of the Sentinel Program is to focus on a different aspect of Earth observation: Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Land monitoring, and the data is of use in many applications

MPCV Mission Lunar Exploration

Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (across the surface MPCV) is part of NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration program, designed to bring astronauts to the Moon as part of international collaborations engaging worldwide Companies.

BIOMASS Mission Forest Care and Prevention

Biomass Mission is designed to deliver crucial information about the state of our forests and how they are changing, and to further our knowledge of the role forests play in the carbon cycle.

PRISMA Mission Hyperspectral satellite for Earth Observation

The PRISMA mission, a pre-operative small Italian hyperspectral mission with the Italian Space Agency (ASI), was developed to qualify technology and develop applications, while providing scientists with products for environmental observation and risk management.

ALADIN Mission Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument 

ALADIN measures the atmospheric wind by emitting short powerful pulses of ultraviolet light at a frequency of 50 Hz though its telescope down into the Earth's atmosphere. Thanks to ALADIN technology it is possible to determine the wind at various altitudes above the surface.

COSMO SKYMED Mission Dual system for the observation of Earth

COSMO-SkyMed is the first Earth observation mission designed for civil and military purposes. Its first and second-generation satellites observe Earth from space in any weather conditions, to help predict landslides and floods, support in case of earthquakes or fires.