About us

RGM SRL started from 1986 with the distribution of components, expanding during the years the portfolio with the design and production of custom power supplies. In 2012 RGM decided to invest in Space with the creation of a business unit RGM SPACE strategically based in Rome. As a Parts Agency, RGM SPACE provide a wide range of services from Parts Engineering, to the Procurement and Testing of EEE – Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical Parts.

One of our main goal is to provide a turn-key solution also possible to the testing capability in order to guarantee the quality and the reliability to the EEE Parts components purchased and selected for our Customers.

Parts Engineering

Consolidated Component List (CCL) definition
• Review and definition of Specifications
• Tecnical Specification negotiation

• PAD (Part Approval Document) definition
• COTS use solutions
• Manufacturer & Technological Surveys
• Definition of Evaluation / Qualification Plan e Test Plan
• Test procedures preparation
• Technical interface between Suppliers and Customers
• Technical support to Project Managers, Designers
• Parts Reduction and Standardization
• Tracking alerts and life status 
• Technical Characteristics Data Base Management
• Obsolete components analysis and alternatives evaluation
• Radiation Data Base Management

• Quality assurance


• Cost Evaluation
• Parts Reduction
• Obsolescence Management and Alternative proposals
• Hi-Rel & COTS procurement
• EEE Parts Inspection
• Export License e Logistic management/support
• Orders Monitoring & Expediting
• Stock Parts
• Order Acknolwdgements and dedicated Delivery Status to Users
• Data Review&NCR managment
• Web procurement dedicated platform to users

Incoming & Logistics

• Incoming inspection
• Data Base Management (Incoming, Store, Delivery Status)
• Kitting & long-term storage services
• Shipping to users
• Issue and management of NCR
• Export Licence management


• Destructive physical analysis (DPA)
• Failure analysis
• Counterfeit Detection and Autenticity Tests
• Construction analysis
• Up-screening
• SEM Analysis & EDX
• Relifing tests
• Thermal Shock (air-air / liquid-liquid) and Thermal Cycle
• High Stabilization Bake
• Humidity Test 85°C/85%RH
• Highly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test
• Burn-in
• Life tests
• Electrical test characterization (also at RF up to –>20/40GHZ
• PIND Test and Hermeticity tests
• Radiation test –TID – DD – SEE
• Xrays and CSAM
• Shock & Vibration

Printed Circuit Board with electrical components.
Space Qualified Components
Holding Component
COTS Procurement
Incoming & Testing
Logistic, industry, shipment, storage and manufacturing concept
Export License and Logistic Menagement
Workers of storage house
Kitting & Long Term Storage
Web Procurement documentation