RADECS 2022 3-7 October 2022

RADECS is an event organized by the University of Padova and Sistema Congressi, on behalf of the RADECS association, in Venice. In 2022, there was the 33th edition.

RGM SPACE is proud to attend to this conference every year.

The topics regard the fields of Optoelectronics, Electronic engineering, Irradiation, Radiation and CMOS.

Experts from all over the world discussed on radiation effects on EEE component engineering in space projects. Furthermore, there was the opportunity to learn about new experimental methods on how it is possible to proceed with radiations on components, in order to attenuate errors and to improve their reliability since they have to be sent in space for long periods of time.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet our Team at Booth N34!

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Location: VENICE – ITALY

Date: October 2022

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